The temperate man confesses his sins.

Excursion 3 is coming up! March 31st thru April 2nd, at Fall Creek Falls, in the lodge. Mark your calendar! Our Lady is hosting and brothers, we want full attendance.

Adult and Youth Release forms are attached, below, in 'Downloads'.

Ranch: June 17th - 22nd, at Camp Ocoee. Signups are available now!

Fraternus Registration - please click here to register. You need to do this in order to obtain the Fraternus book, and to officially become a member.


Check the 'Meal Calendar' link, above for dates, and to sign up.

We need parents for the meals from 4-3 through 5-16.

Ranch 2016 Photos!

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March 27 - 6:30 PM

King's Message: Danny Snyder

Prayer over the King: Tom Wynne

Emcee: Stanley Cummings Snyder

Meal: Heidi Buckett


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